Creature entries archive

This is my creature entries archive

every-creature that i met and studied will be trascrived in this page

i made the same thing for the creature in my planet!

i taked the diary with these entries in this world so maybe i will trascrive some of it.

this is what i do primary in this planet: study the soul,spirit,thoughts... of the fauna

this will be my "private" digital diary so sorry if somethime you will not compreand some of my broken english

Thanks for all

Entries Library table V:0.5
Earth Creature
Species Location Created Last Update Status
Mountian Goat Liujobijiana's Mountian 25/10/17 25/12/17 Closed
Big Rodent Liujobijiana's Mountian 6/10/17 --- to be transcrived
Wolf and Boar couple ??? ~10/2/2014 --- to be transcrived
Seagulls Mysterious Thunder Island (Chapter 2) 20/2/2020 --- to be transcrived
Other Creature From Thunder island Mysterious Thunder Island (Chapter 2) --- --- to be transcrived
Fishes on the Electric water Mysterious Thunder Island (Chapter 2) --- --- to be transcrived