The Mountian Goat

---i met this Goat in the day 25/10/17 at Liujobijiana (?)

Unlike other Goat this is in a wild state which make her more intresting than an enslaved goat, i mean is not like an enslaved goat is not intresting but ensleved goat are extemely comman

i noticed that his Spirit Power can Surpass the power of the body if stimulated, but once he gave all he can run out of energy and maybe even going by in a sorta of "energy debt", and if the energy debt is too high the animal can go into a coma, and in nature going in coma in the half of a forest is very dengerous
this mountian goat help me realize the difference from a farm aniaml and a wild animal and how some famele of aniamal know when a male is fighting for the honor, like that one time that i tried to intervene in the fight but the female stopped me

i did't know if the female was aware that his male wasn't near as strong as the rival, probably the female knew that he was fighting with all the energy that he have, and if he wasn't strong enogh to win the fight probably their love wasn't strong enogh neither

Frist Data Entry table V:3.0
Mountian Goat
Q? Number of specimens : 2
Names Mountian Goat "o" (1) Mountian Goat "a" (1)
Ni? o a
Description: a Great Goat with giantic horns
and a great musculature
a Goat with unsurprisegly little horns
but with a nice musculature
she sure look pretty even if we don't compares with the other farm goats
Eye: both orange eye with a rectangular pupil
(is it the only aniaml species with a totally differnt pupil in this planet? and if is it, why?)
Tail: both short tail almost inexistent
(earth! how can untailed animal live without a tail!? i really, really love my tail)
particular signs