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heyyy this is my frist post well i need to learn more html i think...
today isn't happined nothing to report...
oh oh yeah i have reached the 2000 views somehow

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24/09/17 It's Cold... But i'm fine

i think is passed like 2 month, what a long Travel. Well maybe if I didn't stop every hours for a nap, or well, relaxing, the travel would be faster than this.
the travel was difficult, mostly becouse of these city, or these mountian home, or, i don't know. The Majority of the ground was hemm... "humanized"?
well it wasen't forest. now i'm in a place called "Liujobijiana" or something like that and as i said in the title this place is cold... and the sky is grey...
i don't know but, i think i feel a bit nostalgic, not for the old place, is more a homesicknes for my Earth,
and i know it has been like 7 years ago and i can stil kinda comunicate the other world but...
maybe watching the star was helpeing me to forget about the past but now... now the sky is grey, and the place is cold, and also grey... i think i'm in a factory or something
i hope tomorrow will had enogh energy to escape to this city and maybe go into a mountian, like a big Snowy Mountain
a Mountian so High that can go beyond the Grey cloud, All i need now is watching the star once again, i don't care much of the cold i can handle it.


So i reached a mountain and finally after the 'Great Grey Sky' i can finally see those stars. Now i fell definitly better.
Now what i have done: i apply a new color to separate the "sedentary days" now "don't sedentary days".
anyway i've noticed some intresting thing about most of the animals, they don't collaborate with each other and there isn't a real harmony
from animal to animal i think that is why the human spicies is predominant in this world. I mean Time ago i saw a wolf and a boar collaborete to survive from a hunter and his dog
they were in perfect harmony so much that they killed the hunter and the dog coming out with only a bullet in the boar's stomach:
The boar was like the shield and the wolf was a agile killer that was hiding behind the boar. that was really powerfull and could put the human spicie in some sort of denger, but unfortunatly harmony and collaboration is pretty rare in the wild.
Now that i think, my entire world is based on that, I mean we have something that here is called Monarchy, but, really it isn't monarchy
--edited 5/1/2019--
Becouse there is a queen, who is an autority but, if you are not in the city where she lives, nobody really care about her.
our socity is more based on harmony from species to species, in the forest there isn't rules and the villages tecnically neither
said that, in my world harmony could be a death battle for food too, here still exist the 'stronger live' and i found it sublime, i was into this a while ago, and if you don't want battle, you can still be in a village and eat vegetable

well i think for now I write enough maybe i will write the rest tomorrow


No, no i wasn't sleeping for 4 day in a row, you see i was thinking to write about the human's friend and who he his but nope,
when i tried to write at him, he bashed me about how bad i was in english, even if I tall to her that i wasn't from the heart,
i mean yes his was a bit confused and maybe he was thinking that i am a crazy guy that would rape him and then cut her head and use for some cool festive mask.
But, mmmh, well maybe i am in the wrong this time, but Come on!
in the meantime in the waiting for a serious response i will work on another think: Some studies of the Other liveing being.
Then slowly i'll know him. Now i'm really tired: When i decided to move in a Mountian i wasn't thinking of the fact that a mountian dosen't have as many fruit as the forest have,
so i haved to hunt some fishes down a river and i finally make a little fire with some woods and rocks even if at high altitude there a lack of O.
now i am tired wet and i'm going to sleep meanwhile i watch the star.

Oh i was thinking to write there only when something important happen or if i made some progress like i did now so yeah that it...
i should write something else but now i am too tired to do so sorry -_-Zz - reorganize this site and re-do the track and maybe learn Javascript and improving my page in general


I am a bit sick, i think the water and the cold didn't fit well in my body.
Though i still finally finished my refuge: what if I made a bulletin board insted of write long text wall everytime? like:
-Created a Pseudo-cave For the refuge
-Catch a haedache ._.
-Created some basic structure for protect the refuge from the strong wind
-I started a campfire inside the refuge and nothing was burned
-procured a stock of wood for the week
-tried to conntact to the human's friends, without success
-when my Headache was less strong i fished some fish without getting too wet
-tried to conntact to the human's friends, without success
6/10/17 This is Important
-Meanwhile i was trying to contact the human's friends i noticed 3 small furry animal are entering in the refuge, i don't Remeber/know their Name but i feel a strong Spirit from them
-i tried to give them some cooked fish they eat the fish but they were insecure about eating that
well somthing like that so i covered like 7 day in one session and more quickly. Obviously that didn't repleace this other long-text.
ok now i am still sick in a few day i will be restored for now i will rest and trying to recontact the human's friends witch it sound simple
but they keept don't answer to my message and the connection is poor, and anyway i don't have anything better to do if i am sick


Yay i Finally feel completly good. Well... is already 5 day that i feel better but you know i haven't do progress
and for the big rodents... they escaped from the refuge making a 3 hole in the ground, which is strange,
the refuge didn't have a true door why escaping from the ground. In the past 2 week I fixed and make comfortable the refuge.
the next update i think will be like the bulletin board up there becouse i finally "Reorganized" the page
- so i start the search of the burrow of those rodent, whitout results
- i was thiking: maybe i need to write this journal more often and made it a habit i mean when i do the journal on peper i had a physical thing, but now... well is different


-Probabily i sleeped


-I noticed that the temperature gets colder and colder from day and day -I think the hole that the Big Rodents made it has no exit


-I encounter a big goat but was like... strange why a goat is on a mountian alone? i was thinking that a goat was one of those farm animal like the chickens, pigs, or you know the sheeps
animals that usually dosn't have a spirit anymore because humans, in fact my frist reaction was thinking that a human could be in the mountian too.
But actually when i tried to getting closer he charge at me, so i tried to use my -Inner Spirit Power- to stop him but I was too late and he horned me.
in that moment i noticed how much Spirit He have in his body and if i wasn't recovey fast enough from the charge i will be dead.
I was just, don't prepered for such Spirit from a farm animal that he cleartly wasn't.
Yeah i know i should be more carefull expecially with a long horned goat, i also see that he wasn't alone but with other goat
-and yes the I still need to expleaing the "Inner Spirit Power" thing, but it's a bit complicated to explain so now i just let it go


-My Injuries from the goat are now cured -i writed the 23-26 journal i guess? -the temperature are getting very colder after the sun fade but for now i can still resist outside the refuge


-i tried to find the mountian goats without success


Correct some error from the past Entry

4/11/17 - 10/11/17

in these day i'm very tired, in the frist place i was thinking that was the lack of oxygen or something here in the mountian but now i realised what it is. Back in the days when i was in italy or in the galapagos island or around the world in general i was usally sleeping for days for a full recovery you know like that time i sleeped for 2 days in a grassland, but now when i started my last journey I don't sleep very much becouse in this day i was so active it wasn't one day that i didn't do anything like now, in fact i don't write very much in there becouse every attempt of doing something to progress was a failure and beside that i realized that i never write anything about the thing i discovered becouse my page was always a mess well i think i need to stop for a bit reorganize myself and don't be worried about the winter that it's coming. Now that i think of... i need to prepare myself for the winter, the last year wasn't a problem because i was in italy in the human home, now i need to do like the other years doing by myself... in a mountian... but is ok. Now i think i need to do a rest and when i say "rest" i don't mean only sleep, but, Relax, something like that

13/11/17 a pointless rambling

Today i noticed that the site has closed. i mean many site close because the domain payment deadline, but the site that i am talking is the one of the frist site i saw in this world by the human. he explained that this page was meant to be a blog page but for some reason the blogger deleted all the entry. this thing has inspired me to do a blog page insted of a paper journeal so everyone will see it. so i started to surfing the web for something similiar and yeah there are plenty of this, but most of them was just cold most of the blog was made of pre-done "template", unoriginal and boring. after that i made some research for the reason why all the entry was deleted and i found that the guy who make tha page learned some coding thing from a guy that was affected by pedophillia or something that in this planet is illigal. and now is dead, yeah something like that, but why delete all the entry anyway?

17/11/17 Dream and Humans

is months that i try to contact the humans and her friends, but nothing. No Answer no lifesign but i can't surrender.Now that I think of... I don't even actually talk about my releshionship with me and the human in this forum yet well i think i can reasume the lifestep:
well in the frist i think i need to name the "human" and i called him "JM". I found him in the Galapagos Island 7/8 Years while i was studying the turtles and expecially the lizzard in the zone. At the time he was a kid like many other excpect: one he was from another Region so he was so different from the other Galapagosians? is that how you call it? Two well i searched where there are from and i pinned it for referement also he liked Turtle and so do I. nothing happened at least for after two years with the big turtle death i recived the message that my sister was doing fine even without a cure, and for disanbiguasion: my sister was and is still nowdays a bit sick from a "reptile virus"? Yes let's call it "Reptile virus". after that i tried to search for some human in the multidimensional-world that is the internet of this world. i wasn't searching specifically her but some human that it could be bearer of hope, or imagination, or starshooting... i don't know if i found the same boy, but let's just say it was the only one of the hundred of message that actually replayed tomorrow i will restart the works that i left behiend. The next pause will be in winter and there i will update and reoraganize the page


Quick update
for some reason it's been a week since i can't connect to the net from my mountian so i'm searching for a solution now i am across a village/city when i will found a solution i will write something about the goat and what i been doing while these time
today i will sleep in a roof with the rain fortunatly my bag is large enough to make a blanket it's gonna be a looong night


yeah finally i fixed the problem with the connection and i make a large stock of food for the winter, usually i don't ibernate, and neither this time but i will rest in the refuge/burrow, i usually refear as burrow to a warm place that feel like the proper home.
to today i will have a lot to talk, and also a lot to do. oh and finally i can eat something else to fish, "fruit form the forest" ^.^ usually i was stocking them for the winter

25/12/17 it's not only about phermones (the mounitan goat with a quite long horn)

so as you can see i had a long travel with these goats, specifically with 2 of those goat becasue apparently these two as separates from the herd. unfortunatly i keep watched her afar from me, i made almost 3 attempt to get closer to these two but every time the male keeped charge at me. then i realized that maybe the male can be in love with the female and he recognized me as a hunter or something i mean i smell like dead fish right now so i think i was before, i really need a shower in these day, so i keep watched these two for 2-3 day and i got the confirmation that these two was a couple i was a bit skeptical for this but i was like that only because usually animal like that love another animal because of the "in heat" status of the female, but it wasn't in these case. Days passed and i think after another 3-4 days they were concius that i was watching her 5/12/17 Was the date that the female goat has started to goes in heat after one day for that i see another goat approching to her, a male one, and with longer horn than the other, i know exactly what was gonna happen but i didn't excpected with all those power and spirit to male goat that i watched for all these days charged the other goat as soon as he recognzied her intetion, the other goat at the frist impact was a bit dazed but then he re estabilished herself and started to charge, the goat with smaller horn was loseing terrain, then i tried to intervene but the female goat stopped me and she looked at me, i think she knew that he was going to win he was so determineted he won't give up until her muscle became dust, in fact after a long battle he win because the other goat was tired and powerless nor because he was weak. then he nearly kill the opponent with her fury and the he fall asleep. i helped the three goat the one nearly killed with a final hit to kill her, the other hiding her and her girl in a refuge.


so as you can see i finally write all the log i write in one big entry, and you know who has visited me mewhile i was writing these log? the three big rodent looks like they were searching a place to hibernate and since my burrow is now, you know a burrow and is pretty warm. this remind me of somthing, yes back when i had a complete family there was a tradition when the 6th/7th month "Frev... something" or better; when the coldest month of the year hit the forest all the members of the family get together into our or into one of her house for some day to be togheter even in hard situation, and also because the our ""winter"" is very boring so we can also have fun. i see there hare some similar traditon but i don't get it, i mean nobody here is """"risking"""" her life for food or something, yeah in our planet exist job, city, village but in more restricted only few people have a "third party job" and usually is a voluntary thing, in this planet if your a human and you don't have a payed job your like excluesed from the socity or something. well i think there are more problem than """"risking"""" from food


about the three rodent i think they came back in this burrow because i unconciously destroyed her cave and her work-in-progress burrow when i was searching them. so they run away from the cave and they came back when i was out with my "Mounitain goat adventure". i think so because my entire stock of berries is gone, it wasn't a big stock and i collect some more when i came back from the village/city but is like when you have 5 bar of choccolate in your house and you came back with another one but the other 5 are gone because some crature eated it, is a bit sad at least now i know what they like.


another year in this earth is passed. and so in this earth is 2018 years that you count the number of the years? well is much more time than ours, we started to count the year since the frist "Hunter Honor rule" was made and archive thing started to be necessary so 642 years ago, at least this is when i lefted the planet they should be in 646 now i think, i don't have much chance to comunicate, i can barely comunicate with a "Linked Stone" or "raoz" and it barely work. at least in this planet. A Linked stone bright with the contact, if you divde this stone in two piecies and touch a part of it the two pieces of stone will bright.

4/1/18 - 9/1/18

-studied some html/css/js
outside my burrow the wind was more queit than usual, so i decided to make some supplies and maybe take some barry
i sleep with the big rodents and i sorta go to a ibernation with her for 2 day
i am re-thinking of the human right now, he is 17 and his frinds too. Dosen't remain much time unfortunatly. Soon they will unavoidable crash with this nightmare of a world only now i realized that if he don't have time, i don't have time too the infinite power of imagination, the will to go beyond every yonder, the knowledge to know the right path 14/1/18
The humans
JM MB ??
Imagination OverYonder hxxnSY(who know the right path)

23-1-18 getting confident with html

so it's been 10 days since my last entry, in these day i pratice with the html for getting confident with it and i think i am made huge progress i mean most of the time i didn't understod what i was doing but now i finally kinda learn what most of the thing mean, an exaple is the table thing as you can see up at this entry. the wind still blow out meawhile here the fire still warm up though if it's off becouse the the cave contein the heat.

so the date here is written in the format years month and day? as i say i'm using the html dog tutorial and i'm trying to implement and use as much comand and function as i can, and now i noticed this. hehe cool ^-^.

1/2/18-11/2/18 Animal Soul and Animal Spirit

so remember that i can feel the spirit of the other creature? well i still can do that, what i can't feel is their Soul, and maybe someone think there are the same thing, but there aren't and now i will finally explain

Soul: with only a soul you can feel emotion you can think but you can't do anything because you don't have a motivation to do thing

Spirit: with only the Spirit you can do anything if the body premise it maybe you can do much more thing without a Soul because you don't have the fear to do thing, but you will not feel anything than instruction, you know like machine but not excactly

but Soul and Spirit Aren't inversely proportional to each other in fact there are not proprtional proprety at all there are two separate thing.
a Slave of sociaty have more spirit than a slave of the Ground but they have a similiar soul, i alway wondering why this two type of enslavering are like this. Then i come in this world. i have seen Slave of socity (Dog) and Slave of the Ground (Chicken) when i meeted the dog in that farm i felt a medium-strong spirit and now i realized it that the dog wanted to serve her master, meanwhile the chicken spirit was bearly inexistent because he was caged to makeing egg

this will explain what i seen with the mountian goat, the goat used all of his streght and spirit to protect her beloved, and for me is a great expression of both Spirit and Soul, he will never do that without a great Soul, stratgh was a bit in his downside

22/1/18-23/1/18 the six art

Most of the art can be ressumed by connecting them with each one of the six sense

The Six main art

Sense of Sight Drawing
Sense of Sound Music
Sense of Touch Craftwork
Sense of Taste Cook
Sense of Smell Spicery(?)
Sense of Mind Hunt
obiovius this is so restricting but the fact is most of the main ART is developed around those sense. "the Artistic Dream" is the most Common of dream, But isn't even far equal to unoriginal, This is becouse The Main Thing with art is that you can CREATE everything around the certian sense
And Maybe create something that was never created before
you need Imagination, a Great Spirit, and a Strong Compass. I think i already said what i mean with this
One of the strangest Art that i met is certailly the Sense of Smell, in our planet the Sense of smell is more than a support for the sense of mind than a real art, in fact this was colliding with the theory of the six sense. But seems like in this earth is devoleped a form of sense of smell, the spicery (let's call that) the art of making and create Spice and perfume, this sure is strange, for me at least this sense is mostly linked with the sense of teste, and in out planet this sense is heaveliy underdeveloped in comparasion. and in fact of perfume, well when i started to live alone with my sister i stop washing myself for months, but now i'am try to wash myself every week at least.


In these day I sleep alot with the big Rodents i finally re-contacted JM but i don't know if i can finally move on with the other human, around the last day of winter i will contact them all.


i started to organize the data of the animal that i met, but i will take it easy, in these day i rested with the rodent, and my food storage is almost empty, fortunatly, thanks of the goat that i killed the last time i will survive for at least for 2 weeks and then i hope the temperature will improve ù.ò.


this is the frist day of spring when the nature awake from his long sleep, or this is the human intepretation, this place is still very cold and the rodent aren't awake, they are a little more active than usual, but nothing least the temperature is getting hotter i think in a few day if the temperature goes higher i will move on.
now i need to talk to "The spirit", i will post an entry for how it ended.

23/3/18 Comunicating with the Spirit Frist Entry ~ Comunication Problem

i finally contacted "the spirit" and make him talk! Well excepct seems like he didn't understand the English, or at least my English, which is strange anyway the last time that i talked to him was able to speak english. I will try again tomorrow
-i'm preparing the page for the mountian goat

24/3/18 Comunicating with the Spirit Second Entry ~ The Start

yay finally i suceeded in comunicating with the Spirit, well it wasn't so excting like how i thoght but it was fine and it was my fault to not making more point. He was collaborative, even when i tells him that he dosn't have dream. And discovered that the word "Dream" dosen't have the same meaning for all the people or better, My meaning is not universal. My meaning of dream is "something worth living for, something really big that should be proud of themself. and maybe don't be forgotten in the past thanks to this." i mean i don't really know this lenguage. In my lenguage exist a exact a term for that kind of thing "]Rous"(Future sky). 25-26/3/18 Little food restock, painful, rally painful with this temperature

27/3/18-5/4/18 Comunicating with the Spirit Third Entry ~ Fading Spirit

so i came back to my painful journy for food and i started to write to MB for a few day but no response was given. in the meanwhile i studied the big rodent, i tried to bump some information about the personality that MB (JM's friend) have but nothing, so after a few day and by seeing he online i asked to JM why he wasn't replying to my message but he didn't knew anything

6/4/18 Comunicating with the Spirit Fourth Entry ~ MissALieGnment

i can't write anything for the anger that i have now, Sorry
9/4/18 . the big rodent aren't in lethargy anymore but it seems like they are returning in this burrow, finally the Spring as come in this mountian
10/4/18 i needed to move on i make a cold swin at the river
13/4/18 so as i said in the title i Miss the fact that the spirit was lying to me, and after talking with JM it seems like he was lying for make me look-like a joke, the most mean of lie. I get lying for fear of a stranger or for dumb fun with the interlocutor. The fact that i am so angry at him, i mean normally i wouldn't be angry for so little i would move already on, but he wasn't just an simple lie. He ridiculized my own element: "The force of Hope" in fact the only power i really mastered is "the force of hope" AKA "OverYonder", and it's the only thing that make me survive. Maybe the next time i should be more carefull.

23/4/18 The first wind in fist ground

i talked with JM and he told me that he just didn't care about me. eehm... ok i kinda understand.
Anyway i sorta finished my work on the goat and i started the work on the big rodent. Maybe i need to call them in a more specific way, i can't just refferd to her with "Mountian Goat". For now i could go with wild mountian Goat Here a link for the page even if it is incomplete

17/7/18 ~ Always moving Forward

after the fireforest that was "the Spirit" aka MB i needed to re-think of my plan for "the structure" aka "the body" aka GG(?) even tho if i fail also with him i will still have "the Soul" but is not that much. for me i planned to move along with my journey since i collected some info even for other animal and in the summer is the perfect time to travel. for now on i can't promise to mantein the page always up-to-date but i will try to do my best. And for the JS stuff yeah i improved a lot. maybe one day i will use this knowledge for doing something in this page even if i know only the basics and probably i will not have time and or will to improve my JS

18/7/18 ~ Floating i Walk

after the preparetions i finally can enjoy the freash air without being freezed to death
the landscape is beautifull floating up here, i can see the forest, i can see the orizon, i can see my home...

It's been awhile from the last time i truly feel this happines in my proper heart
is been a while since the last time i felt like this, since the last true "family reunion".
yeah i mean certainly i feeled some happines when i started to live on my own with my little sister, when i encountered my "idol", or when i simply hanged out with my friends or even in this world i felt something for sure like when i founded an half-cure for my sister, or when i somewhat found someone for my little game of soul-spirit-structure
but or was temporarly or was happines for other happiness, never really something mine, i spended my time worring about my sister that i've lost my own "I"

the world is still vast and full of life with beautifull places. Even if 60% of this planet is dominated by idiot and the 75% of this world is ruined by them i can't mind only the ruined and wrong part. beside i think i can still find some enjoyment from the destrction

20/7/18 ~ PaperPlane

12/12/18 ~ Electric Water

i found a new base, i will update the page with past and new entry soon.