heyyy this is my frist post well i need to learn more html i think...
today isn't happined nothing to report...
oh oh yeah i have reached the 2000 views somehow


yay back on track!! in these day I had some work to do hehe...
anyway i made a music for this site, and I don't know how put this in the site u_u'
well the music isn't anything special just a bit sound of woodwinds
now i have to learn a lot more of this world..
and of this lenguage of course 'Eche'
SEE do you see what i do!? i out a hide text in the emphatized word with only memory this is cool


something strange is happening to a my friend. I don't know what but...
well I am fine and that is the important (?) i don't know anything about
the human
. That all and if you see i lerned (i think) the span/div/class/id thing
oh and only now i realise how orrible is the thumbnail of the page. i think i can adjust the
thumb when I have the time


yay i don't totally adjust the thumb BUT i made some improvment i think i can do much better
than this but now is ok.
yesterday I visited the human and i have eated some pizza with her, It was delicious
I never eat cooked thing on my planet except some meat, Don't becouse my planet is unevolved
but becouse I don't like work and the city lifestyle, so my home don't have a kitchen,
and i've eated only berry in the trees/bushes and meat from other people (or animal/monster as you call them)

i'm thinking to travel around this world but now i haven't time to do that, a day i could tell what i do
but now i just don't have time and will to do this nothing personal so. Now i thinking to sleep, i'm very tired *yaawn*.
On top of me there are a lot of star, this reminds me of my childhood....
well Good Night


Whoa... I fall asleep for like 2 days, this is normal if you are sleeping in a grass bed, i don't understand why
the human dosen't like to sleep in a grassland, yeah i know the insect, the cold, the possibilty of Risk Of Rain
etc... they can solve the problem taking a blanket... umphf

anyway i realised now that i can watch the ant's behavior in this grassland... i saw some ant walking around my leg yesterday before my long sleep.
ant... Ant... aNt... AnT... ANt... aNT... what a bizarre name for a animal, Yes i know in my world some animal species that are called like "iuy'tl"
but this name i complex not bizarre or strange, ant is just... I don't know is a tiny name for a tiny animal, but this isn't all
the word Ant sound strange... i'm only wondering nothing special.

after 2 day of not eating i'm a bit hungry >,< Now i think to take some fruit from the trees... except there no fruit in the trees
i think i need to stole some vegetable from a farmer, he can't complain if he don't know.
I mean come on for your socity i'm a Animal or a Alien.
kek alien...

18/04/17 (it's been a while)

i'm back (i think) sorry for my absence but i was busy with a game, and wow what a game
i very liked this game is being one of my favorite this game is called "Chrono Trigger"
i played this game for like 1 month and half as you can see

anyway i think we will have time enough to speak about this game in future
now remeber the ant's home i saw months ago? well is disappered along with all the ant, not even an ant is remained
only soft dirt are remaning, maybe a worm attack? nahh those ants were all red and red is power (perhaps ^_^')
maybe the ant are migrating like if in this zone it will be a earthquake or a strong storm or a hurricane
ok I was taken by the game but is ridiculous that i haven't eared a earthquake or all of this thing
damn i have to add a thing that make you interact with me so i can read the answer

29/04/17 or 04/29/17?

In these day i have a doubt... actually i have many doubt BUT how i should i write the date? the day the months and the years or the years the months and the day?
or also months/year/day >o<''? i start to think there is not any real form for the date and that make more sense, in fact usually
i write the date from the smallest to the highest a day is composed from 24 Hours a Month from 27-31 days and a year from 230-231 days
at least in this planet that is, also in my planet the thing are similar like a day is 30 hours a month of 15-17/20 day but we have 31 months in total
and a year of 479 day and don't ask me the name of these 31 month I DON'T know the names of the month becouse usually i called it by numbers... well i remember only the 16 Narorolyr (
Na=naline=Rebirth roro=rorororo=Nature and Lyr is the name of the 16th planet who is also the name of the discover, and i kind of hate/love this month all because the frist day of
Narorolyr i'm being "in heat" and i love have sex but i hate being submit by someone that don't deserve the pleasure, and plus i have to craft pills for
the anti-fertility but as i say i love sex so is a good deal. and about the ants anyway that disappeared i think that is another predator that as attacked the ants and the ant's home was drained by the rain maybe? @.@


another temporal yey... it's only me or i am the only who loves the temporal, the rain, lighting yeah the tempest from the sky and the calm beyond the clouds ^-^
I think i need to learn more html but i don't feel good like, like something in my stomatch fortunatly this rain help to feel me better
anyway the comand to add the music i think is something like this <aud src=song_name auto-looped>
but no progress for a comment section v_v



nahh just kidding, i don't updated this blog for so long but now i know how to put a song in a page ^D^ now i need to get back the music
i started to studying some animal from the farm, yeah the farm that i'm stoling the food, anyway i felt something strange from that animals
or better i DON'T felt somethin in that animal which i felted isted from the ants: a soul in the ants i felted one big soul
(and from that i have a thory that the ants is actually only a one being) and yeah i know the farm animal are way to differnt to the wild
animal but is strange a animal is still a living thing maybe i need get close enough becouse their souls are more weak but for now i don't want
to bite the leaf too much
anyway I don't have ufo-spaceship and no in my birth planet we don't have something to go into the space

23/05/17 Big Bad Invisible Dark Blu WHALE (Smart Mass Suicide)

i see this event a game that kill the people that have weak soul... kind of nice i think? i know i know for you this is bad oooh people kill
themeselves becouse are depressed and their life have no purpose ooooh... so sad... .... weak soul mean easy to control
if you have a human with a weak soul you can make he your personal dog

soo if all the weak souls have purged from this earth with the Blue Whale game then i am happy about this event?
the answer is fucking no! i mean yes the weak souls have to be purged
BUT a weak soul could also mean a Strong wish so/or a strong Spirit (i actually don't know the diffrence with soul an spirit but...)
Another point is that the human are always for is better "create to destroy" well why not a game that turn a weak soul with no dream or hidden dream
in a Strong Soul with a Great dream! Yeah a Dream Which is really worth to Fight what i search is Dream but unlike the souls i can't hear or see
these and this add the meaning "every life is important" becouse all the animal can have dream both of them and for the most dull
the humans are animal.In fact I say all the animal becouse i don't know if a plant can dream


so what happend? the human has lost my track! Damn it was so hard to record what done is done i can't travel the time (at lest for now?)
i can redo it will take some day but i can still redo. Anyway now i am helping the human with the school (i draw the bluprint-ish drawing)
for the sake of the sky WHYYY Whyy you need to attend the school for 14 years i mean if a human medium life-time is 150/200 (human)year is ok 14 year of obligatory
school but the medium life-time of a human is like 75, ohh but you start the school when you are like 4/5 years old when you are only a baby in the
years that have to be happy and carefree but no YOU need to go to school and be judged with Numbers, Like what? Judged by numbers?
what are you a videogame "oh this kid is very inteligence like he can memorize data like a machine 10 out of 10 would talk to her again"
this is ridiculus
the human said some general thing about school and i don't understand half of there becouse he don't speak english well
now i am tired, i am in the top of the human's home becouse i don't like sleep in a close space that i can't see the sky tomorrow i have to finsh
the draw and the human have to study. i think i would write more tomorrow

30/05/17 Go to the hell and back

finally i re-aquired the conscius. Man like i made 5/6 bluprint in white papper there are more hard of what it sound,
i'm still tired so i can't write too much for now i think i write something when i have new argumant than the school who is stupid in this planet
maybe i need to talk more about me? ... nhaa i'm not narcisist and about that i have said to the human to do a drawing about me, a self-portait
so now i can update my thumbnail whit that draw but i need time

19/07/17... i mean 23/07/17

well i was going to post an update to the frist date of the title but... my device slipped out of my "hands" when i was writing meanwhile, floating away from the region.
So yes i started my travel around THE WORLD. fortunatly the device hasen't borken but i was a bit pissed to rewrite all that i was write But here i am

so the days after this i realized that i don't have any data of the human
i tried to "study" the human. At the frist i was thinking
if he could understand me so this should be a easy work well i was wrong... so much wrong after i decided the right metod i tried like 3 attempt and the 4 was simply live with her (also sleep with her and not in a roof)
and it was the most obiovius and easy i know, but... well o haven't think of that. What are the previus 3 attempt? well i need to list them somewhere so:
The Frist: an interview the most awkward of all of 3 like i alredy know how this world is about but i don't even study in depht of the human culture becouse the only thing
i was saw is destruction, destruction, violence, a big city with nuclear everywhere (who is pretty intrseting)
The second Attempt was asking what he was doing and why, that could be a good attempt, accept he struggle too much for trying to talk with me becouse yes i can speak and read english
but he not, he can understand me but he can't answer me becouse he isn't english and he can read the english but not speak
The Third Attempt was trying to seeing what he was doing but, he know i was seeing he when i was hiding so he ended to act in odd way
i don't learned too much neither with the Forurth method, well at last i learned that the human like some other animal when you start to pet them
in the head to the neck he started to feel relaxed.
edit from 31/10/17 i know this insertion was a bit harsh but i needed to do that i mean i was planning the departure since the frist insertion but i never talk to much about that so when i helped the human to the school and i immediatly start the departure but i forgetted to post a insertion for that.