Cthree's (it's me! _//^_^\\_) Diary

This is my little space on this new world, and like the burrows and refuges i made in the past years, i build this site all by myself! ^x^.

this site will be a refuges to my journey diary. you can views all the entry i made using the arrows or the handy menu on the right... well although i made them viewable the old entry from Ch:0&1 are pretty messy, since at the time i made them i lacked the mighty, and unlimited power of Synthesis.

soon or later i will make the 'About Me!' button operating, so all you new people will know who i am and what i am doing around the flat-globe-watearth

for now all you need to know is that, My Name C3! i am not from this world so i picked the letter phonetically correct for the pronunciation of my name,
i belive every living being must have a dream for being one
i am here to study the fauna of this planet and how this behave thank to that

Sorry for my bad english! ^p^

credit to JM for the potreit of myself

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